Only Quality Ingredients

 If I don't like it, my customer won't like it too! Thats why I use organic flour, organic and non-GMO dairy products, and hormone and antibiotic free poultry. I also make sure to buy  my vegetables and fruits from local farmers, and use fresh herbs from my garden. There are no artificial colours or flavor enhancers in my dishes.



 Nutritious.  Balanced.

 Why do so many of us like homemade food? It is because it has the taste of our childhood, it is delicious, nostalgic, and as well nutritious and healthy; it was also made with love. And it contains well balanced ingredients.

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Your Healthy Choice

We all make different choices when ordering food. The main factor for our choice of food is our taste preference. But, as more and more people have adopted a healthier life style, its means that they consume less sugar, less or no meat, more vegetables, and less calories. For these groups of customers I have vegetarian and gluten-free, dairy-free, keto options for dishes in my menu. Also, I can customize any dishes from the menu to match your food preferences.    

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Master Classes

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I am now teaching master classes! Come join our fun, educational classes for an in-depth, hands-on experience unlike no other. You will learn detailed fundamentals regarding a variety of different foods each week.

All ingredients will be provided, and you will also get to enjoy some complementary wine and delights to go with what you have created! Come meet new friends and learn how to make something fresh, healthy, and new!

Be sure to join ASAP! These 3-hour classes cap out at 20 guests per session and tickets sell out quickly. The prices are as follows:

Group Session

Held at Cafe Maresse
$45 per person

Private Session

Held at your own kitchen!
$100 per hour (limit 4 attendees)

Please contact me regarding your address and how many attendees will be there at least 24 hours in advance

I hope to see you all there my friends!


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