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Hello! I'm Marie, and welcome to my gourmet website. I have loved to cook my entire life. I still remember how in middle school we had housework lessons where we learned how to make cakes, soups, and stews. I did not choose the culinary arts as my primary occupation (instead choosing the medical field), but my love of cooking has stayed with me throughout my life. I always remember the words of Hippocrates; "Let food be thy medicine." I have always cooked for my family, kids, and friends (all of whom love the food I made). As a very curious person, I have a love for learning. Before, I had a family business: a French bistro in Rice Village. It was a great culinary experience for me, as there I mastered my cooking skills all while learning from my husband, a French Master Chef. But, last March, everything suddenly changed, and between checking job websites and sending job applications to different companies, I found myself always cooking. It was almost a form of meditation for me. I was one hundred percent immersed in the process of food creation by combining flavors, smells, adding/changing ingredients, and overall improving the final presentation of my dishes. My husband advised me try to sell some of my cooking on the Nextdoor app, and so I did. My wonderful neighbors loved my quiches, crepes, baguettes, and even posted heartwarming reviews. Soon, more and more people became interested, so I started my cooking business. The quality of products used in my cooking is a number one priority for me. I use the same, original ingredients in my (mostly) French recipes as the ones I use when I cook for myself. I buy my products from trusted suppliers and personally inspect every product that I buy myself to ensure optimal quality.

This new chapter of my life started last August, and I absolutely love what I am doing. I invite you to be part of my gourmet community. Welcome, and bon appetite!